ASUS PQ321Q 32” 4K Resolution Monitor for $3500: Review, Specs, Features and Best Buy Price

Several retailers have opened the orders for ASUS PQ321Q monitor. If we talk about this device, it a computer monitor that can boast of being the first 4K resolution reaching the consumer market. Yes, it is not only very first ASUS 4K consumer monitor, but also for the whole market, it is something new.


As we have stated, ASUS PQ321Q is for Consumer market but not for all, as its price is $3500. This new ASUS 4K monitor / display is aimed at the professional market. Or a few users who can afford to purchase this model.

ASUS PQ321Q is large monitor with a 31.5-inch panel whose native resolution is ultra spectacular high definition 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, manufactured under technology Sharp’s IGZO.

The installed panel in this monitor has brightness of 350 cd / m², color depth 10-bit RGB, gray response time-to-gray 8 milliseconds and viewing angles of 176 degrees. The ASUS PQ321Q features dual HDMI inputs with support of Picture-by-Picture, Display Port and VGA up.

It features an ergonomic base and supports height adjustment, swivel, and tilt adjustment. $ 3499 is the reference price for the first 4K monitor that reaches the consumer market. This was all about very first ASUS 4K display or ASUS PQ321Q, stay tuned for the complete review of this spectacular monitor, happy toipoing.

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