Apple Logic Pro X tool for musicians: Review, Features and Download

The Cupertino firm, Apple has updated its popular application aimed at professional musicians. This new version, known as Logic Pro X offers a wide variety of tools.

Apple Logic Pro X

Pitch Flex is another important tool, allowing correct detuned voices and melodies change individually manipulating notes, so that it plays a very important role with the new and improved Mixer, thanks to which we can manage mixtures in simple and efficient way.


Moreover, in Apple Logic Pro X you can organize and get multiple tracks and create layered instruments, Smart Controls, to handle various plug-ins and parameters in a single motion and make sound design even faster and more powerful, and Retro Synth, which emulates some classic synth sounds most famous of the 70’s and 80’s.
We cannot forget MainStage 3 an ideal of Logic Pro X, which is also available. You can enjoy both applications on the Mac App Store for a price of 180 euros (Logico Pro X) and 27 euros (Main Stage 3), taxes included. This was all regarding the latest Apple release, stay tuned for more and complete review of the new update, happy toipoing.

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