Apple iWatch Smart Watch Ready for action: Specs, Features, Price and Images

Apple has filed an application to the Japan Patent Office for the registration of the trademark iWatch. This step confirms that Apple is really working on the creation of a wearable computer gadget in the format of a wrist watch. So, soon we would see Apple iWatch on the market shelves?

Apple iWatch

Earlier it was reported that for new portable device Apple employs about 100 engineers. In its view, it would resemble wristwatch with a small touch screen, but will be able to iterate on some of the problems that are now solved with the help of the iPhone and iPad. The company discussed features such as make calls, view information about incoming calls, as well as the determination of the coordinates. In addition, the device will feature built pedometer, and other sensors for monitoring health, including the heart, said source agency. It is noted that in the arsenal Apple has at least 79 patents.

Information on how the company plans to submit its iWatch it is not yet known. If it is a fact that starts the appropriate brand cannot say that the new product is prepared for an early release. Apple started to assert rights to the name iPhone in 2003, while the issue of phone took only after four years later, in 2007. If it’s worth noting that even the absence of trademark rights had not stopped Apple, at the time of announcement of the iPhone the rights to this title belonged to Cisco, and the company agreed to only a couple of months after the presentation of the device. This was all about the story of Apple iWatch, stay tuned for more.

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