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The AOC has announced the availability of a new line of computer monitors i.e. AOC 70ID. This line replaces the previous series devices AOC 50ID monitors.


In total, the new AOC 70ID monitor series includes 20 models, which differ in diagonal size and a resolution of the screen, and equipment variants. However, in most of the countries initially there are available only 3 of them in the line of Value, which is addressed to lean business and home users. The main differences between the models are presented below.

AOC 70ID e970Swn, Screen Size 18.5 inches, 1366×768 pixels, $99 price
• AOC 70ID e2070Swn, 19.5 inches, 1600 x 900 pixels, $129 price
• AOC 70ID e2270Swn, 21.5 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels, $145 price
All new products are equipped with TN-matrices and LED backlighting. Response time claimed to be 5ms. Maximum value of the static contrast is 1000:1 (dynamic contrast ratio – 20000000:1). Depending on the equipment, the different AOC 70ID model has input DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Intelligent software is included with the AOC 70ID series monitors for users. For example, a utility for i-Menu OSD control with a mouse, and a program of e-saver mode and Eco, which can further reduce energy consumption.

It is also reported that later other 17 monitors of AOC 70ID would be available in different countries within 30 days from now. They will be able to boast of IPS and PLS based matrix, built-in speakers, moreover, they features outputs ports for connecting an external audio system, USB-Hub, functional supports.

This was all regarding the latest released computer AOC 70ID monitors series, stay tuned for more updates, happy toipoing.

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