AMD Radeon HD R Graphics Card: New names

An internal source of AMD has confirmed that AMD is going to change the nomenclature of its entire next generation graphics card. Here we are specifically talking about AMD Radeon HD 9000 which will be known as AMD Radeon HD R series.

AMD Radeon HD R Graphics Card

• Radeon HD series name would be same.
• After that you will see something like, R that will represent the position of graphic card within the different generations of AMD graphics. For example, the current generation is known under this new scheme as Radeon HD R7.
• A letter and three different numbers that are grouped into two sets. The first group indicates the range that fits your graphics card, laptop or desktop, and the second group their position within it.

AMD Radeon HD R graphics card

For example, Radeon HD 7970M be expressed under the new name as Radeon HD R7-M970. So, you will see all new names with the new series AMD Radeon HD R.

But nothing has been confirmed from the AMD’s end, we need to wait to see more and the revealed information also says, AMD Kaveri APUs is delayed until 2014. Let’s wait and watch, stay tuned for official news, happy toipoig.

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