AMD FX-9370 Price and Specs | Pre Order Now

While we wait for official release announcement, many retailers continue to put upcoming AMD FX-9370 processors. This new processors characterized by having the highest frequency of work in the history of consumer microprocessor. But the earlier we have seen AMD FX-9370 price to be much higher.

AMD FX-9370 price


Some models of this processor series whose early booking prices were nonsense authentic, breaking content pricing strategy that has always conducted by AMD, and now seems to become more restrained environments.


So, TigerDirect has put FX-9370 for reserve price $353 although it should be noted that they are not official AMD FX-9370 prices and that they should lower after launch.


As you know, the FX-9370 is the younger brother of the FX-9590, the two models that we have knowledge of this series FX-9000 Centurion. Its eight processing cores are capable of achieving native clocking frequency the 4.7 GHz and beyond under overclocking, provided.


While for specs, it has 16 MB total cache, support for DDR3 1866 MHz and a TDP of 220 watts. One aspect to consider when choosing a power source such as desktop micro enthusiast range, will usually level with other components (especially graphics cards) that force you to be generous with the power carried by the source.
The Centurion FX-9000 should not take too long to reach the market. And with prices cheaper than what we’re seeing. This was all about the AMD FX-9370 price and pre order, stay tuned for more, happy toipoing.

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