Acer TA272HUL with Tegra 4 and retina resolution: Review, Specs, Features and Price

In upcoming, days Acer is going to reveal its one of the high end tablets, i.e. Acer TA272HUL. This tablet will be very first Acer tablet that would be powered with NVIDIA Tegra SoC 4 and the story doesn’t end here; there is a high resolution screen (Retina Resolution).

Acer TA272HUL

Recently, we heard about the medium format and affordable price model Acer Iconia W3 tablet, which is a windows 8 tablet and now, Acer would bring something powerful for Android, yes we are talking about Acer TA272HUL.

If we talk about the display configuration of this Acer TA272HUL, yes there are special. Because Acer has integrated 10inches 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution display. It would be second tablet with such massive display and resolution. I am personally excited about this display, because I like trend setters and it could be one in the era of Android smart devices. Moreover, as we have discussed this tablet is using NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset with with quad-core ARM micro and GeForce integrated graphics, which has shown very rapid in tests. I want to say, what else you need. It is a complete package.
Also, 2 Gbytes of RAM boasts this tab. Soon, this tab Acer TA272HUL would be available in two versions depending of internal storage between 16/32 GB, but at present nothing has been confirmed officially, stay tuned for more updates, happy toipoing.

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