$150 discount on Microsoft Surface RT: Buy Now

Microsoft has made a deep discount of $ 150 on the price of its electronic tablet Microsoft Surface RT, the version with ARM chip and Windows RT.

Microsoft Surface RT Price

It was expected. Despite being a very interesting model, the price of Surface RT was simply out of the market before the pressure of the medium format models and even Android, Windows 8 models of the same size and you could find cheaper.

Also, there are rumors that Microsoft has prepared Surface 2, next version of its tablet, and it would be launching in the coming months and could be ‘Mini’ version of the same Surface RT 2, Microsoft has decided to put the price of Surface RT in a very interesting levels that are specified in the following :
• Surface RT 32GB – $ 349.99
• Surface RT 64GB – $ 449.99
• RT Surface Touch 32GB with Cover – $ 449.99
• RT Surface Touch 64GB with Cover – $ 549.99

Hope this deep discount soon moves to other markets. A Surface RT in Europe for just over 300 euros will be a very attractive buy, stay tuned for more updates, soon we will publish the list of countries in which this discount is available, happy toipoing.

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